Spring/Summer 2017 Runway

“Go Cathy Chaw-Chaw”

The “Man Han Quant Xi” rooted in modern people’s common experience is actually an imagined banquet, a wholly non-existent one. It is like a disassembled community, as it is distributed into different times and various recipes – it is fake and dishonest, but also with a pretending seriousness. MUKZIN set a theme of “Go Catchy Chaw-Chaw” as a metaphor for the free choice in modern commercial society, as the blending of two cultures of the Man and Han ethnics in history. The combination of food from different regions, time and cultures was transformed into patterns of widely different styles. With the pioneering garment clipping, MUKZIN presented a reopening of the banquet and a reborn in costume design – a “Man Han Quan Xi” as MUKZIN understood, as well as the Chinese myth behind it.